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Modification of the properties of bovine pancreatic ribonuclease A by covalent attachment of D-gluconyl-glycine residues.
The modified protein was less sensitive than the native ribonuclease A to attack by chymotrypsin, pepsin and elastase, indicating a protecting effect of the D-gluconyl-glycine units. Expand
Selective fragmentation of threonyl and seryl dipeptides.
An investigation of racemisation during the use of acetoacetyl-L-valine in peptide synthesis
The acetoacetyl group allows quantitative retention of configuration in the synthesis of a peptide (valylvaline methyl ester) when suitable condensing agents such as dicyclohexylcarbodi-imide aloneExpand
The Lido as Venice's refuse tip: Dalmatian sheep and the 1819 elephant.
  • V. Giormani
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Historia medicinae veterinariae
  • 2004
In all probability, the most bulky item ever buried in the Lido is the corpse of an enraged elephant, which escaped from its cage on the Riva degli Schiavoni where it was performing during the 1819 carnival, and was killed by a cannon shot in a church where it took refuge. Expand
Stepwise oxidation of Z-threonyl- and Z-seryl-glycine esters and related compounds
Z-Thr-Gly-OR and Z-Ser-Gly-OR are oxidized by different oxidizing agents, yielding the corresponding β-carbonyl derivative and/or an α-hydroxy derivative, an oxamide, and a dimeric ester ofExpand
Attempts of chemical modification of threonine and serine residues in RNase A
È stata studiata la possibilità di modificazione dei residui di Treonina e Serina presenti nella RNase A da parte del sistema ossidante DCCI/DMSO/ H3PO4 già utilmente impiegata in peptidi modello1,2.