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On the theory of superconductivity
SummaryMacroscopic theory of superconductivity valid for magnetic fields of arbitrary magnitude and the behaviour of superconductors in weak high frequency fields are discussed. The problem ofExpand
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On cosmic ray astrophysics
This chapter presents a model for the propagation of cosmic rays. It discusses beam instability and plasma effects in cosmic rays. The chapter discusses transfer equation in the diffusionExpand
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On the Origin of Cosmic Rays: Some Problems in High-Energy Astrophysics
This paper reviews the present state of the problem of the origin of cosmic rays. Primary attention is paid to galactic diffusion models with a halo, and questions of cosmic-ray chemical composition,Expand
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In 1950, Vitalii Ginzburg and Lev Landau published their famous paper on the theory of superconductivity [1]. The approach was based on the general theory of the second order phase transitionsExpand
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On surface superconductivity
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Reviews of Topical Problems: Certain Theoretical Aspects of Radiation due to Superluminal Motion in a Medium
Introduction 874 1. Characteristic Features of Radiation Due to Superlight Motion (Classical Theory) 874 2. Quantum Theory of Radiation and Absorption Due to Superlight Motion 876 3. RadiationExpand
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