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Moment Maps, Cobordisms, and Hamiltonian Group Actions
Introduction Part 1. Cobordism: Hamiltonian cobordism Abstract moment maps The linearization theorem Reduction and applications Part 2. Quantization: Geometric quantization The quantum version of theExpand
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The Origin of Cosmic Rays
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The Problem of High-Temperature Superconductivity
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METHODOLOGICAL NOTES Expressions for the energy density and evolved heat in the electrodynamics of a dispersive and absorptive medium
The question of the expressions for the energy density W and evolved heat (dissipation) Q in the electrodynamics of a dispersive and absorptive medium is discussed. Attention is concentrated onExpand
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Symplectic singularities from the Poisson point of view
In symplectic geometry, it is often useful to consider the so-called Poisson bracket on the algebra of functions on a C symplectic manifold M . The bracket determines, and is determined by, theExpand
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Origin of Cosmic Rays
Astrophysical (in particular, radioastronomical) data are utilized, in conjunction with observations on the cosmic rays near the earth, in a study of the origin of cosmic radiation. The chemical andExpand
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On the problem of superdiamagnetism
Abstract The possibility of the existence of superdiamagnetism in non-superconducting substances is discussed. Such superdiamagnetic substances may have susceptibility χ ∼− (10−3-10−2) comparableExpand
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Superfluidity and superconductivity in the universe
The paper aims to elucidate the current status of the problem concerning the existence and observation of superfluid and superconducting states in the universe, that is, under cosmic conditions.Expand
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