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Prevalence of human papillomavirus infection in women in Turin, Italy.
Overall, the female population of Turin showed an HPV prevalence that is intermediate compared with worldwide levels, and the association with marital status and parity was restricted to women less than 45 years of age. Expand
Hepatitis E: An emerging infection in high income countries.
Anti-HEV antibody detection by immunoassays is hampered by moderate test accuracy particularly in immunocompromised hosts while a WHO international standard for molecular detection of HEV RNA by RT-PCR has been introduced. Expand
Hepatitis C virus infection in Italian patients with oral lichen planus: a prospective case-control study.
HCV is probably the main pathogenic factor in liver disease of Italian patients with OLP, and suggests that HCV could be involved in the pathogenesis of OLP. Expand
Urgent need of rapid tests for SARS CoV-2 antigen detection: Evaluation of the SD-Biosensor antigen test for SARS-CoV-2
At the time of writing, FIND has listed four CE-marked SARSCoV-2 antigen tests. We evaluated the recently CE-approved rapid POCT SD-Biosensor for SARS-CoV-2 nucleoprotein detection inExpand
COBAS AmpliPrep-COBAS TaqMan Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Test: a Novel Automated Real-Time PCR Assay for Quantification of HBV DNA in Plasma
CAP-CTM can improve the management ofHBV infection and the assessment of antiviral therapy and drug resistance, supporting further insights in the emerging area of occult HBV infection. Expand
Clinical evaluation of the COBAS Ampliprep™/COBAS TaqMan™ for HCV RNA quantitation in comparison with the branched‐DNA assay
The COBAS AmpliPrep/COBAS TaqMan™ 48 (CAP/CTM) appears as a reliable and user‐friendly assay to monitor HCV viremia during treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis and its high sensitivity and wide dynamic range may help a better definition of viral load changes during antiviral therapy. Expand
Transplacental passage of etravirine and maraviroc in a multidrug-experienced HIV-infected woman failing on darunavir-based HAART in late pregnancy.
The case of a young woman infected with HIV and hepatitis C virus whose therapeutic history includes suboptimal adherence to several antiretrovirals and virological failures on regimens containing efavirenz, indinavir and saquinavir is described. Expand
Increased frequency of HLA‐DR6 allele in Italian patients with hepatitis C virus‐associated oral lichen planus
Host rather than viral factors may be prevalent in the pathogenesis of HCV‐related LP, and the HLA‐DR allele may influence both the outcome ofHCV infection and the appearance of symptoms outside the liver. Expand
Oral valganciclovir as preemptive therapy for cytomegalovirus infection post allogeneic stem cell transplantation
Abstract: Antiviral compounds including ganciclovir, foscarnet, and cidofovir are routinely used in the treatment of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection and disease; however, these agents have a poorExpand
Viral load at the time of liver transplantation and risk of hepatitis B virus recurrence
Analysis of the correlation between the viral load, tested with a single amplified assay, at the time of liver transplantation, and the risk of hepatitis B recurrence in 177 HBV carriers who underwent transplantation in a single center from 1990 to 2002 indicates the best prophylaxis strategy. Expand