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The species composition and distribution of free-living nematodes (Nematoda) in an area of natural oil and gas seeps in Lake Baikal
The maximal values of Nematode population density and maximum proportion of nematodes in the meiozoobenthos were recorded in areas directly adjacent to oil seeps.
Meiobenthos composition and structure in highly mineralized tributaries of Lake El’ton
The meiobenthos of six tributaries of the hypergaline Lake El’ton (the Volgograd region) in the low-flow period (August) has been researched for the first time and the tendency of the species richness to decrease with increasing mineralization from the mesoto eu- andhypergaline level was observed.
Two new species of Theristus Bastian, 1865 (Nematoda: Xyalidae) from the interstitial zone of Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
Theristus tsalolikhini sp. n. and T. psammophilus sp. n. from the interstitial zone of Lake Baikal, Russia, are described from numerous females and males. Theristus tsalolikhini sp. n. is similar to
Two new species of the genus Ptycholaimellus Cobb, 1920 (Nematoda: Chromadoridae) from coastal zone of North Vietnam sea
Two new marine nematode species of the family Chromadoridae collected from coastal zone of North Vietnam sea were described and illustrated are Ptycholaimellus brevisetosus sp. n. and Ptycholaimellus
Three new species of nematodes (Nematoda: Enoplida) from coastal waters of Vietnam
Three new species of free-living nematodes of the order Enoplida from coastal shallow waters of northern Vietnam are described and illustrated. Paramesacanthion vietnamicum sp. n. is morphologically
First report of endosymbionts in Dreissena polymorpha from Sweden.
The finding of host-specific ciliate C. acuminatus suggests that zebra mussels invaded Lake Erken at the juvenile or adult stage.