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Slotline Short and Open Circuit Analysis by the Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method
Short and open slotline circuit structures are important elements for mm-wave MMIC circuit designs. Reports on their characteristics are few, and are limited mainly to experimental investigation. InExpand
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Design and Synthesis of Patch Microwave Couplers
This paper describes a simple design and synthesis technique that allows an alternative to the standard quadrature hybrid coupler to be constructed that achieves a specified power coupling factor between output ports at a given frequency. Expand
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Microwave Education in a University Engineering Department
This paper describes the broad range of skills acquisition necessary to induct undergraduate and postgraduate students into the area of `Microwave Engineering'. The diversity of skills required byExpand
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Phase modulated active antenna
The authors demonstrate that an active microstrip antenna consisting of a rectangular patch radiator peripherally loaded with a GaAs MESFET can be operated simultaneously as a signal source and as aExpand
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Active antenna phase modulator performance
  • V. Fusco, S. Drew
  • Materials Science
  • 23rd European Microwave Conference
  • 1 October 1993
This paper demonstrates experimental and simulated evidence on the extent to which an active microstrip antenna consisting of a rectangular patch radiator peripherally loaded with a GaAs MESFET canExpand
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The effect of a SiO/sub 2/ interface layer on CPW lines and Schottky barrier diodes on HRS substrates
Aluminium based CPW lines on high resistivity Si (HRS) substrates, and integrated and implanted Schottky barrier diodes have shown bias-dependent leakage current effects. By incorporating a patternedExpand
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FDTD diakoptic design of a slot-loop antenna excited by a coplanar waveguide
Acompact slot loop antenna is designed in this paper. Here a curved slotline loop, coplanar waveguide fed to slotline transition balun and short-end coplanar matching network are all analyzedExpand
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Silicon interconnects for millimetre wave circuits
Recently high resistivity silicon (HRS) has been reported as an alternative to Gallium Arsenide as a high frequency MMIC foundry material. By employing aluminium metallized high resistivity siliconExpand
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Time-domain diakoptics active slot-ring antenna analysis using FDTD
An FET active slot-ring antenna is used to demonstrate a time-domain diakoptics analysis of a mixed linear/non-linear circuit using the FDTD method. A novel algorithm for includ'ing a non-linear FETExpand
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