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High-speed photography, spectra, and temperature of optical discharge in silica-based fibers
The dynamics of fiber fuse effect including process of bubble formation in fiber core was investigated. Bubbles in the core were observed not later than 20/spl divide/70 /spl mu/s after the plasmaExpand
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Dynamics of fiber fuse propagation
The dynamics of the fiber fuse effect, including the process of bubble formation in the fiber core, was investigated for the first time. Bubbles in the core were observed not later than 20-70 /splExpand
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Frequency-dependent reflectivity of shock-compressed xenon plasmas.
Results for the reflection coefficient of shock-compressed dense xenon plasmas at pressures of 1.6-20 GPa and temperatures around 30 000 K using laser beams of wavelengths 1.06 micro m and 0.694Expand
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Dust mode in collisionally dominated complex plasmas with particle drift
Experiments with flow of microparticles were conducted in a DC discharge. A sharp threshold in the neutral gas pressure for the onset of an unstable low-frequency dust wave mode was observed. HighlyExpand
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MCG-based device for transmission line charging
At present, MCGs are the most powerful energy sources. Existing level of high technology as well as numerical simulation methods allow one to create MCGs with characteristics varying over a wideExpand
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This paper deals with computer simulation of electro-explosion processes on the cathode surface. The solution of such a problem is lmpnrtant f o r the creation of quantitative theory of explosiveExpand
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Multi-stage flux-trapping helical flux compression generators
Several types of multi-stage flux-trapping helical flux compression generators for high impedance loads are considered. Short-pulse two-stage helical generators with diameter 100 mm and initialExpand
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Detonation wave driven by condensation of supersaturated carbon vapor.
An experimental observation of a detonation wave driven by the energy of condensation of supersaturated carbon vapor is reported. The carbon vapor was formed by the thermal decay of unstable carbonExpand
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Self-organization in complex plasmas — lane formation and beyond
Complex plasmas consist of micron-sized particles inside a low temperature plasma usually generated by a rf or dc discharge in a gas at a pressure around 1 mbar. The particles collect negativeExpand
MCG with EEOS application to forming line power supply
Inductive storage of energy (IS) with EEOS allows one to charge forming line during about 10/sup -7/ sec therefore providing high electrical strength of insulation as well as small size and weight.Expand