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An Integrated Mass Spectrometry Based Approach to Probe the Structure of the Full-Length Wild-Type Tetrameric p53 Tumor Suppressor.
The two techniques were combined in one workflow to obtain not only structural insight in the p53 tetramer, but also information on the cross-linking efficiency and the impact of cross-linker modification on the conformation of an intrinsically disordered protein (IDP).
Structure of the Mechanosensitive Channel MscS Embedded in the Membrane Bilayer.
It is demonstrated that the unique membrane domain of MscS promotes deep penetration of lipid molecules and shows multimodal interaction with the membrane to finetune tension sensing.
Think beyond the core: The impact of the hydrophilic corona on the drug solubilization using polymer micelles.
The findings suggest that the interaction between the hydrophilic block and the guest molecule should be considered an important but previously largely ignored factor for the rational design of polymeric micelles.
Inverse Thermogelation of Aqueous Triblock Copolymer Solutions into Macroporous Shear-Thinning 3D Printable Inks.
Three-dimensional (3D) printing of excellently defined and shape-persistent 24-layered scaffolds at different aqueous concentrations to highlight its application potential, e.g., in the research area of biofabrication and cryo-scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis.
Capabilities of the Falcon III detector for single-particle structure determination.
It is found that counting mode gives better resolution for medium sized complexes such as the β-galactosidase with data sets of similar size, but for larger particles such as Hepatitis B virus capsid like particles the authors did not find any resolution gain in counting mode.
The MscS-like channel YnaI has a gating mechanism based on flexible pore helices
It is shown by electron cryomicroscopy that YnaI has an extended sensor paddle that during gating relocates relative to the pore concomitant with bending of a GGxGG motif in the pORE helices, the only one of the six paralogs that has this GGx GG motif allowing the sensor paddle to move outward.
Capabilities of the Falcon III detector for single-particle structure determination
Abstract Direct electron detectors are an essential asset for the resolution revolution in electron cryo microscopy of biological objects. The direct detectors provide two modes of data acquisition;
Mechanosensitive channel gating by delipidation
It is shown that MscS opens when it is sufficiently delipidated by incubation with the detergent dodecyl-β-maltoside or the branched detergent lauryl maltose neopentyl glycol, and that addition of detergent-solubilized lipids closes the channel even in the absence of a membrane.
More Than Just Closed and Open: Unraveling a Mechanosensor.
The bacterial mechanosensitive channel of small conductance (MscS) is a well-studied model of how mechanical forces from the membrane can be sensed by an embedded protein. A recent study by Zhang et