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Performance analysis for lateral-line-inspired sensor arrays
The lateral line is a critical component of the fish sensory system, found to affect numerous aspects of behavior including maneuvering in complex fluid environments, schooling, prey tracking, andExpand
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Vortical ciliary flows actively enhance mass transport in reef corals
Significance The fitness of corals and their ability to form large reefs hinge on their capacity to exchange oxygen and nutrients with their environment. Lacking gills or other ventilating organs,Expand
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Mesoscale, seasonal and interannual variability in the Mediterranean Sea using a numerical ocean model
Abstract In this paper, we present the results from a 1/8° horizontal resolution numerical simulation of the Mediterranean Sea using an ocean model (DieCAST) that is stable with low generalExpand
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Chemotaxis toward phytoplankton drives organic matter partitioning among marine bacteria
Significance Microscale interactions between bacteria and phytoplankton underpin ocean biogeochemistry and frequently involve bacterial chemotaxis to phytoplankton dissolved organic matter (DOM).Expand
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Lateral-line inspired sensor arrays for navigation and object identification
Found to affect numerous aspects of behavior, including maneuvering in complex fluid environments with poor visibility, the lateral line is a critical component of fish sensory systems. This sensoryExpand
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Air-sea fluxes based on observed annual cycle surface climatology and ocean model internal dynamics: A non-damping zero-phase-lag approach applied to the Mediterranean Sea
A new model-based method of determining the surface fluxes of heat and freshwater that are needed to force ocean models is presented. In contrast to deriving the fluxes from a simulation with aExpand
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A short-term predictive system for surface currents from a rapidly deployed coastal HF radar network
In order to address the need for surface trajectory forecasts following deployment of coastal HF radar systems during emergency-response situations (e.g., search and rescue, oil spill), a short-termExpand
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Lateral-line-inspired MEMS-array pressure sensing for passive underwater navigation
United States. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Grant NA06OAR4170019 Project R/RT-2/RMC-17)
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Segmentation and the Entropic Elasticity of Modular Proteins.
Single-molecule force spectroscopy utilizes polyproteins, which are composed of tandem modular domains, to study their mechanical and structural properties. Under the application of external load,Expand
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