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Clostridium-DTDB: A comprehensive database for potential drug targets of Clostridium difficile
Clostridium difficile is considered to be one of the most important causes of health care-associated infections currently. Expand
In silico identification of potential drug targets in Clostridium difficile R20291: modeling and virtual screening analysis of a candidate enzyme MurG
Clostridium difficile is an etiologic agent of a variety of gastrointestinal diseases in human including mild sporadic diarrhea and severe life-threatening pseudomembranous colitis. The continuousExpand
Virtual Screening And Molecular Docking Analysis For Predicting The Potential Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibiting Drugs In The Treatment Of Cancer
Cyclooxygenase-2 is being treated as one of the chief anti-cancer targets for colorectal, lung, breast, prostate and head/neck cancer. The focus of this study is to discover new ligand molecules,Expand
Screening of potent antibacterial agents targeting Clostridium difficile virulence factor toxin B: an in silico approach
Toxin B is the key determinant of virulence in Clostridium difficile. Cysteine protease domain (CPD) of toxin B plays a crucial role in host cell intoxication thereby making it a potential target forExpand
A Qos Based Stable Routing Protocol for Multihop Cognitive Radio Adhoc Networks
We propose an energy-aware QoS routing protocol for sensor networks which can also run efficiently with besteffort traffic. Expand
Simultaneous Estimation of Paracetamol and Zaltoprofen in Pharmaceutical Dosage Form by HPTLC
Objective: A method for HPTLC was developed and validated for simultaneous estimation of Paracetamol and Zaltoprofen in a pharmaceutical dosage form. Methods: The Chromatographic separation wasExpand
Comparative Evaluation Of White Wine Production From Different Carbohydrate Rich Substrates Using Air-Lift Bio-Reactor
In recent years, wine consumption rate has increased in India. Grapes are used as a primary source in wine production, all over the world. A number of studies have been conducted on apple, guava,Expand