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Kinetic modelling of microalgae cultivation for wastewater treatment and carbon dioxide sequestration
Abstract A simple and robust microalgae kinetic model has been developed for application in the prediction and control of algae cultivations in wastewater. The microalgae kinetic model was calibratedExpand
Heterogeneous catalysis in an oscillatory baffled flow reactor
The first demonstration of heterogeneous catalysis within an oscillatory baffled flow reactor (OBR) is reported, exemplified by the solid acid catalysed esterification of organic acids, an importantExpand
A more robust model of the biodiesel reaction, allowing identification of process conditions for significantly enhanced rate and water tolerance.
A more robust kinetic model of base-catalysed transesterification than the conventional reaction scheme has been developed. All the relevant reactions in the base-catalysed transesterification ofExpand
Fatty Acid Methyl Esters of Melon Seed Oil: Characterisation for Potential Diesel Fuel Application
Abstract Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME), biodiesel, are alternative diesel fuels usually obtained from renewable sources, mainly, vegetable and animal oils through transesterification among otherExpand
Extractive recovery and valorisation of arsenic from contaminated soil through phytoremediation using Pteris cretica.
Contamination of ground water and soil by arsenic poses serious environmental challenges globally. A possible solution to this problem is through phytoremediation using hyper-accumulating plants.Expand
Production of biodiesel from waste shark liver oil for biofuel applications
Abstract Biodiesel is a renewable alternative to “petro-diesel”. There is an established conventional production technology based on refined vegetable oils. However, this is always more expensiveExpand
Determination of the kinetics of biodiesel saponification in alcoholic hydroxide solutions
Abstract The research focused mainly on kinetics of the side reactions occurring during homogeneous base-catalysed transesterification processes, which were not studied previously. The rates of fattyExpand
Continuous reactive coupling of glycerol and acetone – A strategy for triglyceride transesterification and in-situ valorisation of glycerol by-product
Abstract Methyl esters of fatty acids are widely used as biodiesel, a sustainable replacement for petro-diesel. The conventional biodiesel process produces crude glycerol, which constitutes about 10Expand
Intensification of carboxylic acid esterification using a solid catalyst in a mesoscale oscillatory baffled reactor platform
Abstract Intensified production of carboxylic acid esters has been investigated using a mesoscale oscillatory baffled reactor (meso-OBR), operated in continuous multi-steady states, dynamic andExpand