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The need for affect: individual differences in the motivation to approach or avoid emotions.
People high in the need for affect are more likely to possess extreme attitudes across a variety of issues, choose to view emotional movies, and become involved in an emotion-inducing event (the death of Princess Diana).
The Immigration Dilemma: The Role of Perceived Group Competition, Ethnic Prejudice, and National Identity
In this article, we discuss the role of perceived competition for resources in determining negative attitudes toward immigrants and immigration in North America. We first provide background
Intergroup Competition and Attitudes Toward Immigrants and Immigration: An Instrumental Model of Group Conflict
High levels of worldwide migration paired with increasingly negative attitudes toward immigrants and immigration in host countries indicate that it is crucial to gain an understanding of the bases of
Perspective and Prejudice: Antecedents and Mediating Mechanisms
Investigating mechanisms by which Whites’ prejudice toward Blacks can be reduced and exploring how creating a common ingroup identity can reduce prejudice by promoting these processes found reductions in prejudice were mediated primarily by feelings associated with perceived injustice.
Assessing the structure of prejudicial attitudes: The case of attitudes toward homosexuals.
Two studies assessed the structure of attitudes toward homosexuals. In Study 1, Ss completed measures of stereotypes, symbolic beliefs, and affective associates as well as attitudes toward
Effects of Perceived Economic Competition on People’s Willingness to Help Empower Immigrants
Based on models of intergroup competition and social dominance, we examined the impact of perceived economic competition with immigrants on support for empowering and non-empowering forms of
Prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination: Theoretical and empirical overview
This chapter has two main objectives: to review influential ideas and findings in the literature and to outline the organization and content of the volume. The first part of the chapter lays a
Uncertainty, Threat, and the Role of the Media in Promoting the Dehumanization of Immigrants and Refugees
Immigration policies and the treatment of immigrants and refugees are contentious issues involving uncertainty and unease. The media may take advantage of this uncertainty to create a crisis