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Age, growth and feeding habits of the bluemouth rockfish, Helicolenus dactylopterus dactylopterus (Delaroche 1809) in the central Mediterranean (southern Tyrrhenian Sea)
This species is a carnivore focusing mainly on the crustaceans Goneplax rhomboides and Lophogaster typicus, and showed an ontogenetic shift between small (4.0–6.3 cm) and larger fishes. Expand
Feeding habits of the albacore tuna Thunnus alalunga (Perciformes, Scombridae) from central Mediterranean Sea
The results showed that the albacore tuna is a pelagic predator focusing on paralepidid fish and, more in detail, on two species such as Paralepis speciosa and Paraleps coregonoides, and can be considered as a top carnivore. Expand
Feeding habits and selectivity of the wide-eyed flounder, Bothus podas (Delaroche, 1809) (Bothidae) from the southern Tyrrhenian sea
The stomach contents of 388 specimens collected seasonally on sandy bottoms of the north-western coast of Sicily revealed a diet dominated by Gammaridea, Apseudidae and Cumacea that were also the most abundant categories in the benthic community. Expand
Trophic relationships among scorpaeniform fishes associated with gas platforms
Overall, predators like scorpaenids seem to rely on soft bottom prey items rather than exploiting resources from the platforms, thus competing with soft-bottom predators (i.e. triglids) for the same resources. Expand
Assessing the potential of Suez Canal shipping traffic as an invasion pathway for non-indigenous species in Central Mediterranean harbours
The shipping traffic visiting seven Central Mediterranean ports within Sicily and Malta over a period of one year (2013) and the ballast water volumes it transported was quantified and classifiedExpand
Diet and first documented data on plastic ingestion of Trachinotus ovatus L. 1758 (Pisces: Carangidae) from the Strait of Messina (central Mediterranean Sea)
The diet and the food composition of Trachinotus ovatus in the central Mediterranean Sea (Strait of Messina) is investigated, and the first documented data on plastic ingestion by T. ovatus are reported. Expand
Marine litter in an EBSA (Ecologically or Biologically Significant Area) of the central Mediterranean Sea: Abundance, composition, impact on benthic species and basis for monitoring entanglement.
This research will support the implementation of monitoring "Harm" as recommended by the UN Environment/MAP Regional Plan on Marine Litter Management in the Mediterranean, and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). Expand
Composition and abundance of benthic marine litter in a coastal area of the central Mediterranean Sea.
Overall, the results are comparable with litter amounts reported in other Mediterranean sites at similar depths, and support the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (2008/56/EC) for descriptor 10 and the Mediterranean UN Environment (UNEP/MAP) regional Plan on Marine Litter. Expand
Feeding habits of the Atlantic bluefin tuna, Thunnus thynnus (L. 1758), in the central Mediterranean Sea (Strait of Messina)
The predation on the high-energetic food as mesopelagic and bathypelagic fishes during the pre-spawning and the spawning period may bring an energetic advantage in tuna metabolism and gonadal maturation. Expand
Fish Distribution and Habitat Complexity on Banks of the Strait of Sicily (Central Mediterranean Sea) from Remotely-Operated Vehicle (ROV) Explorations
Findings show that banks serve as reservoirs for fish abundance and biodiversity and that immediate environmental conservation and management actions represent a priority not only for Italy but also for other countries which share the same area. Expand