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The kinetics of catalase synthesis and destruction in vivo.
Effect of anions on the non-enzymatic desamidation of glutamine.
The separation of dehydropeptidase and analogous L- and D-peptidases.
alpha-Keto acid-activated glutaminase and asparaginase.
Anemia in cancer.
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the occurrence of anemia in cancer. Many of the theories about the cause of anemia arose from early studies on leukemia. It is generally accepted that theExpand
Liver catalase. II. Catalase fractions from normal and tumor-bearing rats.
Resolution of racemic phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophan.
[64] Preparation of nucleoside phosphorylase from calf spleen
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the preparation of nucleoside phosphorylase from calf spleen. The assay method is based on the determination of hypoxanthine formed during the phosphorolysisExpand
Studies on the cachexia of tumor-bearing animals. II. Catalase activity in the tissues of hepatoma-bearing animals.
Summary Several rat and mouse hepatomas and the liver and kidneys of the host animals were assayed for catalase activity. Little or no activity could be demonstrated in the subcutaneouslyExpand