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Drug-facilitated sexual assault and analytical toxicology: the role of LC-MS/MS A case involving zolpidem.
The use of a drug to modify a person's behavior for criminal gain is not a recent phenomenon. However, the recent increase in reports of drug-facilitated crimes (sexual assault, robbery) has causedExpand
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Methadone as a Chemical Weapon: Two Fatal Cases Involving Babies
Methadone is largely used for the substitution management of opiate-dependent individuals but can also be easily found on the black market. The first cases involving repetitive sedation linked to theExpand
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Failure of falciparum malaria prophylaxis by mefloquine in travelers from West Africa.
Due to the spread of chloroquine-resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum in French speaking parts of Africa, we have found it necessary to prescribe mefloquine for antimalaria prophylaxis toExpand
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Doping control for nandrolone using hair analysis.
A sensitive, specific and reproducible method for the quantitative determination of nandrolone in human hair has been developed. The sample preparation involved a decontamination step of the hairExpand
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Compilation de 3751 dosages sanguins de stupéfiants obtenus par 19 experts, dans le cadre de l'application de la loi Gayssot
Cet article presente une compilation de 3751 dosages sanguins, realises aupres de conducteurs impliques dans un accident mortel de la circulation, ainsi que le prevoit la loi Gayssot du 18 juin 1999Expand
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Doping Control for β-Adrenergic Compounds Through Hair Analysis
An original procedure was developed to simultaneously test β2-agonists (salbutamol and clenbuterol) and β-blockers (atenolol, acebutolol, pindolol, betaxolol, propranolol, timolol, sotalol,Expand
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Death related to a recreational abuse of propofol at therapeutic dose range.
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Helium poisoning: new procedure for sampling and analysis
An increasing number of suicidal asphyxiation with a plastic bag with inert gases, and in particular helium (He), have been reported from numerous countries over the last decade. These cases areExpand
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La thanatopraxie : une technique utile pour conserver les corps, mais qui peut gêner l'expertise toxicologique médico-légale
Introduction  : L'arret de la vie est a l'origine d'une alteration du corps qui s'accompagne d'une serie de modifications : lividites, rigidite, deshydratation, cyanose, gonflement, decoloration,Expand
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Cannabis d'hier et cannabis d'aujourd'hui. Augmentation des teneurs en THC de 1993 à 2004 en France
Une etude precedente, realisee sur des echantillons de saisie en France, nous avait permis de montrer que la teneur en delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) dans les echantillons de "resine" etExpand
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