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Golomb Rulers
Summary What is the smallest number of inch marks on a ruler that allow us to measure all integral distances? This question motivates our survey of Golomb rulers, perfect rulers, and minimalExpand
Formal languages and automata theory
Guyz, i need dis book. I downloaded from google books but some pages are not available so. I ll b thankful to one who ll help.a formal grammar and it is more capable than a finite-state machine but.Expand
On dispersion and Markov constants
and put D({x,})=lim supN NdN. In particular he carried out investigations of sequences of the form x ,=n0(mod l) for irrational O's. For such a 0 he defined the dispersion constant by D(O)=D({nO(modExpand
On Sums of Powers of a Number
Probabilistic Version of a Curvature Formula
Why the Product Topology
Continuous Functions with a Dense Set of Proper Local Maxima
for the number of multiplications to get D in triangular form. There will then be n multiplications (of diagonal entries) to compute det(D), requiring 0(n4) multiplications. As before, we do notExpand