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Quasi Hopf algebras
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DG quotients of DG categories
Abstract Keller introduced a notion of quotient of a differential graded category modulo a full differential graded subcategory which agrees with Verdier's notion of quotient of a triangulatedExpand
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Construction of Instantons
A complete construction, involving only linear algebra, is given for all self-dual euclidean Yang-Mills fields.
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On braided fusion categories I
We introduce a new notion of the core of a braided fusion category. It allows to separate the part of a braided fusion category that does not come from finite groups. We also give a comprehensive andExpand
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$B$-structures on $G$-bundles and local triviality
1. Let G be a split reductive group scheme over Z (recall that for any algebraically closed field k there is a bijection G → G ⊗ k between isomorphism classes of such group schemes and isomorphismExpand
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