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Detonation synthesis ultradispersed diamonds: properties and applications
Published data on the properties of a novel nanomaterial viz., detonation synthesis ultradispersed diamonds (UDD), are summarised and systematised for the first time. Certain properties of UDD
Detonation-synthesis nanodiamonds: synthesis, structure, properties and applications
The review outlines the theoretical foundations and industrial implementations of modern detonation synthesis of nanodiamonds and chemical purification of the nanodiamonds thus obtained. The
The structure and properties of polymer composite fibers based on poly(vinyl alcohol) and nanodiamond of detonation synthesis
The structure and properties of the oriented poly(vinyl alcohol) fibers modified with nanodiamonds (NDs) and nanodiamond soot (NS) of detonation synthesis were investigated by wide-angle and
Industrial Synthesis of Ultradisperse Detonation Diamonds and Some Fields of Their Use
The cluster nature of detonation-synthesized ultradisperse diamonds (UDD) is considered. The industrial cycle employed for obtaining ultradisperse diamonds is described, with different variations of
IR spectra of detonation nanodiamonds modified during the synthesis
IR-spectra of a great number of samples of detonation nanodiamonds (DND) obtained under different conditions (with dopants added or with the use of reducing agents) have been analyzed for the first
Currently available methods of industrial nanodiamond synthesis
The main theoretical aspects of detonation decomposition of powerful mixed explosives with a negative oxygen balance accompanied by the formation of nanodiamonds (ultrafine-dispersed diamonds, UDDs)
Detonation nanodiamonds in oils and lubricants
The paper presents the main findings of the investigation into the potential of using detonation nanodiamonds and diamond-containing soot (an intermediate product of the nanodiamond synthesis) as
Polymer—diamond composites based on detonation nanodiamonds. Part 3
The paper addresses the influence of diamond-containing mixture and detonation nanodiamonds on the physical-mechanical and physical-chemical properties of polymer composites based on foamed