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Novel combined strategy of obstetric haemorrhage management during caesarean section using intrauterine balloon tamponade
The proposed combined strategy of obstetric haemorrhage management represents a powerful tool for fertility-sparing treatment of this life-threatening condition. Expand
«StressResponse» of the Organism During Oncosurgery Depending on Different Types of Anesthesia
It is suggested that within the next three years, the number of children with autism will increase significantly, particularly in the coming years. Expand
[The participation of matrix metalloproteinases-9 and TIMP-1 in formation of atrial fibrillation paroxisms in patients with metabolic syndrome].
In patients with metabolic syndrome in combination with paroxysmal form of atrial fibrillation the significant increase synthesis of MMP-9 level can lead to increase of atriansms because of increased synthesis of collagen tissue in myocard and vessel walls. Expand
[The membrane-protective effect of carnosine in the post-resuscitation period after acute lethal blood loss].
Increase in the rate of lipid peroxidation and impairments of energy metabolism in the myocardium were responsible for destruction of cardiomyocyte biomembranes and administration of carnosine simultaneously with compensation for blood loss obviated the membrane lipid bilayer destruction. Expand
Impact of Iron Metabolic Disturbances on Hemostasis in Critical Conditions
Цель исследования определить закономерности в нарушении метаболизма железа и влияния этих нарушений на сисQ тему гемостаза у пациентов, находящихся в критических состояниях, обусловленных тяжелымExpand
The Impair Iron Metabolism in Acute Pancreatitis
Objective: to develop a method for preventing hepatic failure. Subjects and methods: Sixty-three patients with a complicated course of acute pancreatitis, admitted to the intensive care unit, wereExpand
[Efficacy of ivabradine in combination therapy for complicated acute coronary syndrome in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus].
Ivabradine therapy demonstrated antiischemic and antianginal efficiencies and a good tolerability, without leading to the developed of tolerance and without being followed by the development of the withdrawal syndrome. Expand
Effect of hypoxia on metabolism and contractile function of the heart in rats with type 2 diabetes mellitus and abdominal obesity
Contractile activity of the myocardium in animals with type 2 diabetes mellitus and abdominal obesity decreased during hypoxia, and damage to cell membranes and increased secretion of aspartate transaminase into the coronary circulation were observed. Expand
[The matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9) and TIMP-1 activities in patients with chronic and recurrent pancreatitis].
In aggravation mechanisms of chronic recurrent pancreatitis take part the increase synthesis of MMP-9 after TNOalpha and IL-1beta activation, which is similar to that of acute pancreatitis. Expand
Effect of carnosine on the systemic hemodynamics and myocardial metabolism in rats in the early postresuscitation period
25 mg/kg of carnosine injected during resuscitation decreased functional-metabolic heart impairments and hemodynamic disarrangement as well as early postresuscitation lethality. Expand