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A Comparative Study on Aphrodisiac Activity of Some Ayurvedic Herbs in Male Albino Rats
The present results support the folklore claim for the usefulness of these herbs and provide a scientific basis for their purported traditional usage.
A Review on Plants Used for Improvement of Sexual Performance and Virility
A number of herbal drugs have been validated for their effect on sexual behavior and fertility and can therefore serve as basis for the identification of new chemical leads useful in sexual and erectile dysfunction.
Comparison of Ranson, Glasgow, MOSS, SIRS, BISAP, APACHE-II, CTSI Scores, IL-6, CRP, and Procalcitonin in Predicting Severity, Organ Failure, Pancreatic Necrosis, and Mortality in Acute Pancreatitis
CRP and IL-6 have shown a promising result in early detection of severity and pancreatic necrosis whereas APACHE-II and Ranson score in predicting AP related mortality in this study.
Culture medium optimization for camptothecin production in cell suspension cultures of Nothapodytes nimmoniana (J. Grah.) Mabberley
The effect of culture medium nutrients on growth and alkaloid production by plant cell cultures of Nothapodytes nimmoniana (J. Grah.) Mabberley (Icacinaceae) was studied with a view to increasing the
Effect of Chlorophytum Borivilianum Santapau and Fernandes on sexual dysfunction in hyperglycemic male rats
Polysaccharide and saponin-rich aqueous extract appears to have the most suitable effects on diabetes and its associated effects on sexual functionality.
Immunomodulatory Polysaccharide from Chlorophytum borivilianum Roots
In vivo evaluation carried out on Wistar strain albino rats for humoral response to sheep red blood cells and immunoglobulin-level determination using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), exhibited an effectiveness of C. borivilianum aqueous extract in improving immune function.