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New theory of space-time and gravitation
It is shown that the general theory of relativity is not satisfactory physical theory, since in it there are no laws of conservation for the matter and gravitational field taken together and it doesExpand
The energy determined in general relativity on the basis of the traditional Hamiltonian approach does not have physical meaning
ConclusionsThe energy-momentum problem for the gravitational field in general relativity has been a stumbling block for theoreticians for more than six decades. During this time different authorsExpand
Investigation of the Effective Space–Time of the Vacuum Nonlinear Electrodynamics in a Magnetic Dipole Field
The metric tensor of the effective pseudo-Riemannian space–time for an electromagnetic wave propagating in the magnetic dipole field and the gravitational field of a neutron star is obtained within aExpand
Experiment for measuring the post Maxwellian parameters of nonlinear electrodynamics of vacuum with laser interferometer techniques
An experimetnt is proposed to measure the post-Maxwellian parameters of the nonlinear electrodynamics of a vacuum. It is shown that the system for recording small differences of optical paths used inExpand
Measurement of small oscillations with the help of a femtosecond laser
The possibility of measuring small harmonic surface oscillations with the help of a femtosecond laser is analyzed. It is shown that the large number of laser radiation modes allows a considerableExpand
Vacuum nonlinear electrodynamics curvature of photon trajectories in pulsars and magnetars
Near a magnetic neutron star electromagnetic emission should undergo nonlinear electrodynamic effects in strong magnetic fields. Manifestations of this effect in detected hard emission from magneticExpand
Analysis of regularizing properties of nonlinear electrodynamics in the Einstein-Born-Infeld theory
New regularizing manifestations of the Einstein-Born-Infeld theory for a massive charged force center in the space-time are considered. The properties of isotropic geodesics in this space areExpand