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The FIFA 11+ Program Is Effective in Preventing Injuries in Elite Male Basketball Players
Background: Recently, structured training programs for sports injury prevention (“The 11” and “The 11+”) have been validated in soccer. The FIFA 11+ program has not been evaluated in basketball.Expand
Double nerve intraneural interface implant on a human amputee for robotic hand control
OBJECTIVES The principle underlying this project is that, despite nervous reorganization following upper limb amputation, original pathways and CNS relays partially maintain their function and can beExpand
No Advantages in Repairing a Type II Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior (SLAP) Lesion When Associated with Rotator Cuff Repair in Patients over Age 50
Background Arthroscopic management has been recommended for some superior labrum anterior and posterior (SLAP) lesions, but no studies have focused on patients over 50 years of age with rotator cuffExpand
Platelet-rich plasma injections for chronic plantar fasciitis
PurposeThe purpose of this study was to assess the safety and preliminary clinical results of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections for treating chronic plantar fasciitis.MethodsFourteen consecutiveExpand
Movin and Bonar Scores Assess the Same Characteristics of Tendon Histology
The Movin scoring system and its validated modifications and the Bonar scoring system are used to classify the histopathological findings of tendinopathy. We compared the reliability of these twoExpand
Mesenchymal stem cells injection in degenerated intervertebral disc: cell leakage may induce osteophyte formation
Recent studies have shown that mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)‐based therapy might be an effective approach for the treatment of intervertebral disc degeneration (IDD). However, many unanswered questionsExpand
Isolated Anterior Talofibular Ligament Broström Repair for Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability
Background: Lateral ankle sprains may result in pain and disability in the short term, decreased sport activity and early retirement from sports in the mid term, and secondary injuries andExpand
Coculture of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Nucleus Pulposus Cells Modulate Gene Expression Profile Without Cell Fusion
Study Design. Changes in gene expression profile and cell fusion of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and nucleus pulposus cells (NPC) after coculture were analyzed. Objective. To investigate theExpand
Long-term health outcomes of youth sports injuries
Injuries can counter the beneficial effects of sports participation at a young age if a child or adolescent is unable to continue to participate because of residual effects of injury. This paperExpand
Chronic rupture of tendo Achillis.
The Achilles tendon is the most commonly ruptured tendon in the human body. About 20% of complete ruptures of the Achilles tendon are diagnosed late. The management of chronic ruptures of tendoExpand