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As(V) retention and As(III) simultaneous oxidation and removal on a MnO2-loaded polystyrene resin.
Based on KMnO4 oxidative capacity, a polystyrene matrix loaded with manganese dioxide was synthesized from an anionic commercial resin in chloride form. This medium, called R-MnO2, was tested forExpand
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Cell surface characterisation of Microcystis aeruginosa and Chlorella vulgaris.
According to previous studies, Microcystis aeruginosa, a picocyanobacteria, is more sensitive to copper than the other phytoplanktonic species such as Chlorella vulgaris a chlorophycea. AnExpand
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Environmental impact of two successive chemical treatments in a small shallow eutrophied lake: Part II. Case of copper sulfate.
The appearance of cyanobacteria ( > 10 colony per ml) was not prevented after alum treatment. In order to prevent cyanobacteria efflorescences in a small shallow polymictic lake (Courtille, France),Expand
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Phosphate removal from aqueous solution using ZVI/sand bed reactor: Behavior and mechanism.
This research reports on phosphate removal from aqueous solution using ZVI/sand packed columns. The influence of column preconditioning, consisting of ZVI pre-oxidation before feeding the columnsExpand
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Arsenic adsorption onto pillared clays and iron oxides.
Arsenic adsorption was carried out on simple materials such as goethite and amorphous iron hydroxide, and more complex matrices such as clay pillared with titanium(IV), iron(III), and aluminum(III).Expand
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Short term copper toxicity on Microcystis aeruginosa and Chlorella vulgaris using flow cytometry.
Copper sulphate is a common algaecide applied to ponds in order to keep phytoplanktonic blooms under control, especially those prone to cyanobacterial development. The copper toxicity was evaluatedExpand
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Toxicity of copper excess on the lichen Dermatocarpon luridum: antioxidant enzyme activities.
The aim of this study was to investigate the toxicity of copper on the aquatic lichen Dermatocarpon luridum focusing on the activities of some antioxidant enzymes. Investigations were conducted usingExpand
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Arsenite oxidation and arsenate determination by the molybdene blue method.
Based on the similarity in properties of arsenate and phosphate, the colorimetric method using the molybdene blue complex was tested in order to determine low As(V) concentration in waters. TheExpand
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Environmental impact of two successive chemical treatments in a small shallow eutrophied lake: Part I. Case of aluminium sulphate.
This paper deals with the efficiency and effects of addition of aluminium sulphate on soft water quality of a shallow eutrophic lake. Almost all the controlled variables improved with treatment,Expand
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Phosphorus Fractionation and Short-term Mobility in the Surface Sediment of a Polymictic Shallow Lake Treated with a Low Dose of Alum (Courtille Lake, France)
Lake Courtille was a polymictic eutrophic lake prone to large pH variations and sediment resuspension. Short term P release (96 hr) under laboratory resuspension conditions for two sedimentsampleExpand
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