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The non-Sibsonian interpolation : A new method of interpolation of the values of a function on an arbitrary set of points
A new method of first-order interpolation of the values of a function on the set of arbitrary points in a finite-dimensional Euclidean space E that differs from the well-known Sibson method isExpand
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New measurements of the polarization of X-ray solar flares
Measurements of three X-ray flares in October/November 1970 abord the Intercosmos 4 satellite confirm the existence of polarization in the initial phase of the X-ray bursts. The polarization can beExpand
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On the polarization of the emission of X-ray solar flares
X-ray polarization measurements at three flares occurred in October 1969 were performed by means of a Thomson scattering type instrument installed on board the satellite ‘Intercosmos-1’. TheExpand
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Preliminary interpretation of the polarization measurements performed on ‘Intercosmos-4’ during three X-ray solar flares
Analysis of the X-ray polarization data at λ ≃ 0.8 Å for three major chromospheric flares shows that during the ‘hard’ phase of the flare the X-rays are polarized in the plane, the projection ofExpand
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Comparative tests of the efficiency of sorption-filtering materials for removing radioactive iodine from gaseous emissions
Tests of how effectively CH3131 I and radioactive iodine are removed from air for the ventillation system of the VVRts reactor are performed. Carbon-fiber materials such as Busofite and fiberExpand
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Analysis of glass characteristics using optical and electrophysical methods
Glass parameters are studied using the methods of electron-probe microanalysis, Auger electron ellipsometry, and spectrophotometry. The optical and color parameters of tinted glasses are determined,Expand