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Raman fingerprint of chromate, aluminate and ferrite spinels
Synthetic and natural spinel single crystals having compositions closely approaching spinel end-members ZnCr2O4, MgCr2O4, FeCr2O4, ZnAl2O4, MgAl2O4, CoAl2O4, FeAl2O4, MnAl2O4, MgFe2O4, and FeFe2O4Expand
Crystallographic and spectroscopic characterization of a natural Zn-rich spinel approaching the endmember gahnite (ZnAl2O4) composition
Abstract The crystal chemistry of a natural, gem-quality, blue-grey Zn-rich spinel crystal from Jemaa, Kaduna State, Nigeria, was studied using electron microprobe, single-crystal X-ray diffraction,Expand
Blue spinel crystals in the MgAl2O4-CoAl2O4 series: Part I. Flux growth and chemical characterization
Abstract Natural blue Co-bearing spinel crystals are rare and actively sought as gemstones, while synthetic blue Co-bearing spinel powders are largely used as ceramic pigments. High-quality spinelExpand
Color mechanisms in spinel: cobalt and iron interplay for the blue color
Six natural, blue colored spinel crystals were studied chemically by electron microprobe and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) techniques and optically byExpand
Blue spinel crystals in the MgAl2O4-CoAl2O4 series: Part II. Cation ordering over short-range and long-range scales
Abstract Optical absorption spectroscopy and X-ray structural refinements were used to characterize short-range and long-range structures of 10 gem-quality, blue spinel single crystals synthesized onExpand
Optical absorption spectroscopy study of the causes for color variations in natural Fe-bearing gahnite: Insights from iron valency and site distribution data
Abstract Four gahnite single crystals with variable colors from pale blue to green have been studied by a multi-analytical approach with the aim to evaluate existing assignments of optical absorptionExpand
Color mechanisms in spinel: a multi-analytical investigation of natural crystals with a wide range of coloration
Twenty natural spinel single crystals displaying colors almost representative for the entire spinel variability were investigated by electron microprobe and UV–VIS–NIR–MIR and FTIR spectroscopies.Expand
Reexploring the cation ordering and magnetic cation substitution effects on the elastic anisotropy of aluminum spinels
We study the effects of cation inversion x (Mg  ↔ Al, with x representing the fraction of Mg and Al exchanged) and magnetic substitution (Mn  → Mg) on the elastic properties of the MgAl 2O 4 spinelExpand