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Apparent and true polar wander and the geometry of the geomagnetic field over the last 200 Myr
[1] We have constructed new apparent polar wander paths (APWPs) for major plates over the last 200 Myr. Updated kinematic models and selected paleomagnetic data allowed us to construct a master APWP.Expand
On the ages of flood basalt events
Abstract We review available data constraining the extent, volume, age and duration of all major Phanerozoic continental flood basalts (CFB or traps) and oceanic plateaus (OP), together forming theExpand
Three distinct types of hotspots in the Earth's mantle
The origin of mantle hotspots is a controversial topic. Only seven (‘primary’) out of 49 hotspots meet criteria aimed at detecting a very deep origin (three in the Pacific, four in the Indo-AtlanticExpand
Revised and synthetic apparent polar wander paths of the African, Eurasian, North American and Indian Plates, and true polar wander since 200 Ma
We have reviewed paleomagnetic data available for the Eurasian, African, North American and Indian plates over the last 200 Ma. Selection criteria are those generally accepted, with an emphasis onExpand
Structure and evolution of the Himalaya–Tibet orogenic belt
The 1981 French–Chinese expedition to Tibet focused on the Lhasa block, extending earlier coverage 400 km north of the Tsangpo suture. The Lhasa block stood between 10 and 15° N latitude over most ofExpand
Timing of the Ethiopian flood basalt event and implications for plume birth and global change
Continental flood basalts are often considered as fossil evidence of mantle plume heads impinging on the lithosphere, and have been related to continental breakup. Many of these flood basalts eruptedExpand
Paleomagnetic constraints on the geodynamic history of the major blocks of China from the Permian to the present
Paleomagnetic study of China and its environs has been the center of a major international effort for the last 10 years. In this paper, we critically review all available paleomagnetic poles of UpperExpand
Deccan flood basalts at the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary?
Abstract Joint consideration of new paleomagnetic, paleontological and geochronological data from the Deccan continental flood basalts in India and critical discussion of earlier results lead us toExpand
40K–40Ar dating of the Main Deccan large igneous province: Further evidence of KTB age and short duration
Most mass extinctions coincide in time with outpourings of continental flood basalts (CFB). Some 20 years ago, it was shown [Courtillot, V., Besse, J., Vandamme, D., Montigny, R., Jaeger, J.-J.,Expand
On causal links between flood basalts and continental breakup
Temporal coincidence between continental flood basalts and breakup has been noted for almost three decades. Eight major continental flood basalts have been produced over the last 300 Ma. The mostExpand