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A General Method for the Evaluation of Vehicle Manoeuvrability with Special Emphasis on Motorcycles
This paper presents a novel approach to the assessment of the manoeuvrability of vehicles which is not based on the simulation of open-loop manoeuvres, nor does it rely on the modelling of the driverExpand
A Motorcycle Multi-Body Model for Real Time Simulations Based on the Natural Coordinates Approach
This paper presents an eleven degrees of freedom, non-linear, multi-body dynamics model of a motorcycle. Front and rear chassis, steering system, suspensions and tires are the main features of theExpand
An advanced multibody code for handling and stability analysis of motorcycles
This work illustrates the modelling aspects of an advanced motorcycle multibody model which captures the most important features of the vehicle, including five different suspensions schemesExpand
Objective and subjective evaluation of an advanced motorcycle riding simulator
PurposesThis paper outlines the characteristics of a top-of-the range motorcycle simulator designed and built at the University of Padua over a period of several years last years; it consists of aExpand
Dynamic Properties of Motorcycle and Scooter Tires: Measurement and Comparison
Summary Results of an experimental research program dealing with motorcycle and scooter tires are presented. Experimental tests were carried out by means of a rotating disk test machine, which isExpand
Numerical and experimental investigation of passive rider effects on motorcycle weave
Despite the importance of rider passive response to the lateral dynamics of motorcycles, there is very little literature on the subject. Even more uncommon are works that consider rider passiveExpand
Elaboration and quantitative assessment of manoeuvrability for motorcycle lane change
The desire to quantitatively assess vehicle manoeuvrability and handling has led to the development of various expressions, or metrics, which typically relate system input to system output. WithExpand
The Modal Analysis of a Motorcycle in Straight Running and on a Curve
The vibrational modes (generalized) of a two-wheel vehicle are studied in several trim configurations. The modal analysis is carried out on a 3D non-linear mathematical model, developed using theExpand
The effect of rider’s passive steering impedance on motorcycle stability: identification and analysis
This paper aims at studying the interaction of the rider’s arms and torso with the handlebar and the frame by identifying the rider's steering impedance and investigating the effect on straight-motion stability. Expand