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A Greedy Heuristic for the Set-Covering Problem
It turns out that the ratio between the two grows at most logarithmically in the largest column sum of A when all the components of cT are the same, which reduces to a theorem established previously by Johnson and Lovasz.
The Traveling Salesman Problem: A Computational Study
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A note on Hamiltonian circuits
A method in graph theory
Tough graphs and hamiltonian circuits
Solution of a Large-Scale Traveling-Salesman Problem
The RAND Corporation in the early 1950s contained “what may have been the most remarkable group of mathematicians working on optimization ever assembled” [6]: Arrow, Bellman, Dantzig, Flood, Ford,
Mick gets some (the odds are on his side) (satisfiability)
The authors present a linear-time algorithm that satisfies F with probability 1-o(1) whenever c<(0.25)2/sup k//k and establish a threshold for 2-SAT: if k = 2 then F is satisfiable with probability1-o (1) Whenever c<1 and unsatisfiable with probabilities 1-O(1), whenever c>1.