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Maksar: A preparation based on Amur maackia
In recent years, specialists of the Pacific-Ocean Instituteof Bioorganic Chemistry (Vladivostok) have performed anextensive search for natural antioxidants among medicinalplants of Far-Eastern flora.Expand
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[Hepatoprotector properties of polyphenolic complexes from wood and cell culture of Maackia amurensis].
Polyphenolic complexes (PPCs) extracted from core wood and cell culture of Maackia amurensis decrease the acute toxicity of tetrachloromethane, suppress the necrosis of hepatocytes and the cellularExpand
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Experimental models of Reye's syndrome
Intraperitoneal administration of 4-pentenoic acid (20 mg/kg/day for seven days or ten doses of 50 mg/kg with 4 h intervals) or acetylsalicylic acid (50 mg/kg 1 hour after single pyrogenal injection)Expand
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Effect of polyphenol-containing hepatoprotectors on the experimental chronic hepatitis pattern
Chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis cases are treated with hepatoprotective drugs preventing patients from developing metabolic, functional, and structural disorder in hepatocytes [ 1]. However, theExpand
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[Hepatoprotectors prevent the toxic action of cyclophosphamide on the liver of rats with CCl4-induced hepatitis model].
The results of experiments on white rats with CCl4-induced hepatitis showed that the combined introduction of cyclophosphamide and hepatoprotectors of the plant origin (lochein, maksar, silimarin)Expand
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[Role of lipid peroxidation in the mechanism of proliferation of hepatic fibrous tissue in experimental chronic hepatitis].
In chronic hepatitis induced by long-term CCl4 administration to rats, there was largely an increase in the formation of malonic dialdehyde and Schiff bases, an elevation of glycosaminoglycans andExpand
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Сердечно-сосудистые заболевания, обусловленные атеросклерозом, являют ся одной из ведущих причин смерт-ности населения в развитых странах. Согласно данным Все-мирной организации здравоохранения они вExpand
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Influence of the Method of Treatment of Samples of Biological Nature on the Results of Determination of Heavy Metals by Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
Introduction. The article is devoted to the relevance of choosing sample preparation method for heavy metals concentration determination in biological sample by using atomic emission spectrometry.Expand
Investigation of Sorption Activity of Brown Peat Moss Powder
The present article investigates adsorption of cationic dyes methylene blue and Ni (II) ions on brown peat moss powder. Besides, the sorption activity of brown peat moss powder towards methylene blueExpand
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[The efficacy of hepatoprotective agents in experimental chronic hepatitis].
Hepatoprotective drugs eplyr, essential, salsocollin, macsar and legalon in rats with chronic CCl4 hepatosis prevent fibrosis development, inflammatory infiltration of portal tracts, dystrophia andExpand
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