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Wireless Sensor Network Security: A Survey
This work surveys the major topics in wireless sensor network security, and presents the obstacles and the requirements in the sensor security, classify many of the current attacks, and finally list their corresponding defensive measures. Expand
VMeter: Power modelling for virtualized clouds
A novel power modelling technique, VMeter, based on online monitoring of system-resources having high correlation with the total power consumption is presented, which predicts instantaneous power consumption of an individual VM hosted on a physical node besides the full system power consumption. Expand
Evaluating the use of GPUs in liver image segmentation and HMMER database searches
The results of parallelizing two life sciences applications, Markov random fields-based (MRF) liver segmentation and HMMER's Viterbi algorithm, using GPUs are presented and it is shown that the differences in speedup between MRF and hmm search is due primarily to the frequency at which the hmmsearch must read from the GPU's DRAM. Expand
Unique sets oriented partitioning of nested loops with non-uniform dependences
  • Jialin Ju, V. Chaudhary
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Proceedings of the ICPP Workshop on Challenges…
  • 12 August 1996
This paper addresses the issue of parallelizing nested loops with non-uniform dependences with the concept of Complete Dependence Convex Hull, unique head and tail sets and abstract the dependence information into these sets which form the basis of the iteration space partitions. Expand
History-based access control for mobile code
The design and implementation of Deeds, a history-based access-control mechanism for Java that is suitable for mediating accesses from mobile code, and can be updated while the programs whose accesses are being mediated are still executing. Expand
A Generalized Scheme for Mapping Parallel Algorithms
A generalized mapping strategy that uses a combination of graph theory, mathematical programming, and heuristics to guide the mapping of a parallel algorithm and the architecture is proposed. Expand
Accelerating the HMMER sequence analysis suite using conventional processors
The results show that the MPICH implementation greatly outperforms the PVM HMMER implementation, and the SSE2 implementation also lends greater computational power at no cost to the user. Expand
Replication-Based Fault Tolerance for MPI Applications
This work extends the existing state of fault-tolerant MPI with asynchronous replication, eliminating the need for central or network storage and shows that the monetary cost of the solution is as low as 25 percent of that of a typical SAN/parallel-file-system-equipped storage system. Expand
Compile/run-time support for thread migration
Since the physical thread state is transformed into a logical form, and pointers and dynamically-allocated memory in a heap are supported, the proposed solution places no restriction on thread types and migration-enabled systems. Expand
Process/thread migration and checkpointing in heterogeneous distributed systems
  • H. Jiang, V. Chaudhary
  • Computer Science
  • 37th Annual Hawaii International Conference on…
  • 5 January 2004
This work has developed a multi-grained migration/checkpointing package, MigThread, which can migrate/ checkpoint multiple threads to different machines or file systems simultaneously, and also perform single coarse- grained process migration/ Checkpointing. Expand