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Multiobjective Decision Making: Theory and Methodology
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Analysis of the value for unit commitment of improved load forecasts
Load forecast errors can yield suboptimal unit commitment decisions. The economic cost of inaccurate forecasts is assessed by a combination of forecast simulation, unit commitment optimization, andExpand
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The Interactive Surrogate Worth Trade-Off (ISWT) Method for Multiobjective Decision-Making
This paper presents an interactive and modified version of the Surrogate Worth Trade-off method for multiobjective decision-making which was developed by Haimes and Hall [1974], An attempt is made to develop an algorithm that is both theoretically appealing and yet intuitively simple to understand and implement. Expand
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The impact of respiratory motion and treatment technique on stereotactic body radiation therapy for liver cancer.
Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), which delivers a much higher fractional dose than conventional treatment in only a few fractions, is an effective treatment for liver metastases. ForExpand
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Transient Stability and Voltage Regulation in Multimachine Power Systems Vis-à-Vis STATCOM and Battery Energy Storage
This paper examines the application of STATCOM and battery energy storage to enhance the transient stability of large-scale multimachine power systems with synchronous and doubly-fed inductionExpand
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Rough set-based approach to rule generation and rule induction
We propose a new rule generation algorithm (based on rough sets theory) that can generate a minimal set of rule reducts, and a rule generation and rule induction program (RGRIP) which can efficiently induce decision rules from conflicting information systems. Expand
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Real-time inverse planning for Gamma Knife radiosurgery.
The challenges of real-time Gamma Knife inverse planning are the large number of variables involved and the unknown search space a priori. With limited collimator sizes, shots have to be heavilyExpand
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Decision Making with Multiple Objectives
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Parameter-Constrained Adaptive Control
Under certain conditions, parameter constraints that impose a priori information about the open-loop system can dramatically improve the performance of explicit adaptive controllers. Under otherExpand
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This paper presents a mathematical model for optimal design of a solar-assisted drying system for drying bananas. The optimization model consists of a simulation model of a solar-assisted dryingExpand
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