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Reproducible research and GIScience: an evaluation using AGILE conference papers
To support researchers in producing reproducible work, the GIScience conference series could offer awards and paper badges, provide author guidelines for computational research, and publish articles in Open Access formats. Expand
EDIT: A Methodology for the Treatment of Non-authoritative Data in the Reconstruction of Disaster Scenarios
The study represents the starting point of a new way of approaching disaster scenarios and it is proposed that the approach is taken forward for future large-scale implementation. Expand
Identification of disaster-affected areas using exploratory visual analysis of georeferenced Tweets: application to a flood event
To enable decision makers to conduct a rapid assessment of the situation during the disaster response phase and improve situational awareness, we propose an approach to identify affected areas usingExpand
Improving the reproducibility of geospatial scientific workflows: the use of geosocial media in facilitating disaster response
This paper created reproducible scientific workflows for disaster response from three published studies using geosocial media sources and investigated how scientific workflow adapt to various analytical processes and compared their performance using MODIS active fires data as ground truth. Expand