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Toxicity and Bioaccumulation of Arsenic and Chromium in Epigean and Hypogean Freshwater Macroinvertebrates
A comparison between 96-h and 240-h experiments demonstrated that there was an increase in toxicity values following a longer time exposure for chromium, and chromium was more toxic toward crustaceans than arsenic; conversely, arsenic was more Toxic for the insect larvae and snail tested here. Expand
Sensitivity of epigean and hypogean freshwater macroinvertebrates to complex mixtures. Part I: Laboratory experiments.
The results indicate that the difference in sensitivity of macroinvertebrates is correlated with their ability to regulate or neutralize contaminants in the mixture during short-term exposure, and differences in sensitivity were dependent on duration of exposure. Expand
Waste ecocompatibility in storage and reuse scenarios: global methodology and detailed presentation of the impact study on the recipient environments.
The results of the experimental program concerning the impact study on receiving environments: impact on plants and microorganisms living in soil, impacts on soil fauna and aquatic fauna are dealt with. Expand