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[Histochemical evidence of myoglobin in heart muscle].
[Cultivation of human embryonic brain tissue and its morphological study].
[Several aspects of the study of human embryo brains].
Using the Coons direct and indirect fluorescent antibody method, cryostatic sections and cultured neuroblasts of embryonic human brain were examined for the presence of intracellular antigens. TheExpand
[Electron microscopical study of human embryonic brains].
[A simplified method of preparing a nerve tissue culture for electron microscopy purposes].
A new technique is offered for nerve tissue cultivation using plastic flasks without additional underneath media, glass or polymeric films. All the stages of preparation for electron microscopyExpand
[Cell cultivation on polyimide film to obtain preparations for light optical and electron microscopic research].
Upon cultivation of the brain tissue and skin-muscle tissues of human embryos, a polyimide film was used as a lining. The optimal conditions of the preliminary processing of the liningExpand
[Effect of biological fluids and brain extracts of persons with Alzheimer's disease on nerve tissue cultures].
Biological fluids (blood serum, cerebrospinal fluid) and brain extract obtained from patients with Alzheimer's disease (6 cases), simple senile dementia (5 cases), and other atrophic processes (1Expand
[Ultramicrostructure of human embryo brain cells in tissue culture].