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Cross dressing, sex, and gender
PART I. CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: CROSS DRESSING IN PERSPECTIVE -Mythology and History in the Ancient World -Cross Dressing and Social Status in the Middle Ages -Playing with Gender: CrossExpand
Women and prostitution : a social history
In this time of heated debate over pornography in general and prostitution in particular, Vern and Bonnie Bullough present a fascinating look at the social and historical context of the 'world'sExpand
Sexual variance in society and history
Sexual variance in society and history , Sexual variance in society and history , کتابخانه مرکزی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ایران
History in Adult Human Sexual Behavior with Children and Adolescents in Western Societies
Though the theme of this book is adult human sexual behavior with children and adolescents, a number of other descriptive terms characterize individual chapters and, perhaps, their respectiveExpand
Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey report: Historical overview and lasting contributions
The modern study of sexuality was dominated by the medical perspective before 1940. Kinsey, a biologist, brought to the study of sexual expression a taxonomic approach—that is, an interest inExpand
Abstract The paper emphasizes that ideas about masturbation are crucial to understanding any societal attitudes toward sex. It examines attitudes to masturbation in ancient Egypt, Tigris EuphratesExpand
Sex and the medical model
In 1974 the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the category of a pathological illness. The removal raises two sorts of questions which I would like to examine, namely how aExpand
No other gods. On science and American social thought