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Supplying peace: Participation in and troop contribution to peacekeeping missions
We explore the supply side of peacekeeping – the determinants of a country’s voluntary contributions to peacekeeping operations. We focus on troop contribution and examine a large set of operations,Expand
Political Cycles in Public Expenditure: Butter vs Guns
This paper presents a theoretical model and empirical evidence from 22 OECD countries to highlight how governments may use the tradeoff between social and military expenditure to advance theirExpand
Migration, diversity, and economic growth
When migrants move from one country to another, they carry a new range of skills and perspectives, which nurture technological innovation and stimulate economic growth. At the same time, increasedExpand
Police Officer on the Frontline or a Soldier? The Effect of Police Militarization on Crime
Sparked by high-profile confrontations between police and citizens in Ferguson, Missouri, and elsewhere, many commentators have criticized the excessive militarization of law enforcement. WeExpand
Does Immigration Induce Terrorism?
There is a heated debate on whether immigration is associated with domestic and transnational terrorism. As of yet, however, we lacked rigorous evidence that could inform this debate. As aExpand
The demand for military expenditure in authoritarian regimes
This paper examines whether there are systematic differences in military spending between different types of autocratic regimes. We view military expenditure as an instrument a dictator can exploitExpand
Coups d’état and defense spending: a counterfactual analysis
We explore how institutional set-ups, in particular changes in political institutions through coups d’état, can affect the way military expenditures are determined. We use a counterfactual approach,Expand
Elite Co-optation, Repression, and Coups in Autocracies
This article provides an explanation for the significant variation in coups in autocracies. The existing theoretical literature focuses on the strategies that leaders use to thwart mass mobilizationExpand
A growing number of NATO countries suspended compulsory military service during the past decade or are now phasing it out, moving to an All Volunteer Force (AVF). An AVF can free resources availableExpand
On the heterogeneous consequences of civil war
We show how the occurrence of a civil war has heterogeneous effects on the level of GDP, using case-study, synthetic control and large-N panel-data approaches. We first discuss the relation betweenExpand