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Gender bias among children in India in their diet and immunisation against disease.
  • V. Borooah
  • Medicine
  • Social science & medicine
  • 1 May 2004
All children in India suffered from sharper, but less publicised forms of disadvantage than that engendered solely by gender, which stemmed from children being born to illiterate mothers and being brought up in the more impoverished parts of India. Expand
Caste, Inequality, and Poverty in India
This paper analyses inequality and poverty in India within the context of caste-based discrimination. It does so by decomposing the difference between (caste) Hindu and Scheduled Caste (SC) andExpand
The height-for-age of Indian children.
  • V. Borooah
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Economics and human biology
  • 1 March 2005
This study uses unit-record data on over 20,000 rural children, from 16 states of India, to explain variations in their height-for-age, and uses quantile regression--which analyses different parts of the height for age distribution--and permits a richer set of conclusions to be drawn. Expand
Vidya, Veda, and Varna: The influence of religion and caste on education in rural India
This paper argues that Vidya (education), Veda (religion) and Varna (caste) are inter-linked in India. It examines whether, and to what extent, the enrolment of children at school in India isExpand
Logit and Probit
Deprivation, Violence, and Conflict: An Analysis of Naxalite Activity in the Districts of India
  • V. Borooah
  • Geography, Political Science
  • 2 November 2008
This paper asks: is it a fact that there is more violence in districts affected by Naxalite (Maoist) activity compared to those which are free of Naxalite activity? And can the existence of NaxaliteExpand
Comparing levels of job satisfaction in the countries of Western and Eastern Europe
  • V. Borooah
  • Political Science, Economics
  • 10 July 2009
Against the plethora of studies of the factors influencing job satisfaction, this paper makes three contributions. First, in contrast to most studies of job satisfaction which are country-specific,Expand
Factors Affecting Self-Employment among Indian and Black Caribbean Men in Britain
The central issue addressed in this paper is encapsulated in the fact that many Indians, but relatively few black Caribbeans, are self-employed in Britain. This paper suggests two factors: first,Expand
Inequality in health outcomes in India: the role of caste and religion
The “social gradient to health” - whereby people belonging to groups higher up the social ladder had better health outcomes than those belonging to groups further down - is essentially a WesternExpand
CRIME AND FEAR: Evidence from Australia
This study, which is based on unit record data from the Queensland Crime Victim Survey of 1991, conducts, using a common set of explanatory variables, a joint analysis of the probabilities ofExpand