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Structural and functional peculiarities of plants from the genus Betula L. at early stages of ontogenesis
The leaf of curly birch is developed more actively as compared with those in the other two species under equal potential possibility of the growth of their leaves by elongation, which may serve as an indicator of its shade tolerance, asCompared with silver birch and downy birch.
Involvement of Exported Photosynthetic Products in the CO2Exchange of the Skeletal Shoots of Pine
Only this component of CO2evolution from the surface of the skeletal part of the tree was related to the losses of the net primary photosynthetic production in the aboveground part ofThe pine stand during the current growth period.
Dynamics of Photosynthesis in Pine Stands
It is shown that the realization of changes in photosynthetic function is related in time to growth processes as well as to spatial and temporal variability of gas exchange.
[Relation between the level of conditioned reflex activity and concentration of serotonin in the blood of normal and neurotic dogs].
  • V. Bolondinskii
  • Biology, Psychology
    Zhurnal vysshei nervnoi deiatelnosti imeni I P…
  • 1984
Higher nervous activity of dogs was studied using Pavlovian method of alimentary salivary conditioned reflexes and blood serotonin content increased in dogs in experimental neurosis with expressed reduction of the level on alimentary conditioned and unconditioned reflexes.
Chlorophyll Index and Photosynthetic Carbon Sequestration in Northern Eurasia Forests
An infrared gas analyzer was operated in an open-circuit differential mode to measure CO2 gas exchange in intact leafy and leafless parts of skeletal branches of Pinus sylvestris L. throughout the
Decline in the Primary Productivity of Northwestern European Forests as a Consequence of Climate Aridization
Average annual age-dependent changes of carbon accumulation in the stemwood of major forest species (pine, spruce, and birch) of the taiga zone of the northwestern European Russia (Karelia) were
Water relations and photosynthesis in pine trees exposed to industrial pollution
The temporal and spatial variability of the shoot water potential, a sensitive characteristic of plant water relations, was investigated in common pine growing under conditions of industrial