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Detection of heavy metals bio-accumulation in scombrids for the determination of possible health hazard
Inter-species variations with respect to elemental accumulations were not significantly different as compared to seasonal variations for the accumulation of chromium, zinc and lead. Expand
Heavy metal bioaccumulation in commercial Lethrinidae fish species in Mauritius
Interspecies variations in levels of heavy metals and trace elements were observed for nickel and no significant variations occurred for mercury, lead and zinc. Expand
Microalgae: the next best alternative to fossil fuels after biomass. A review
This review describes the production of transportation liquid biofuels from plant biomass and microalgae and information is provided on how the controversies related to plant biomass lead to the use of algal biomass. Expand
Fluid chemistry in the Solitaire and Dodo hydrothermal fields of the Central Indian Ridge
Fluid chemistry and microbial community patterns in chimney habitats were investigated in two hydrothermal fields located at the Central Indian Ridge. Endmember hydrothermal fluid of the SolitaireExpand
A Flexible and Reliable Wireless Sensor Network Architecture for Precision Agriculture in a Tomato Greenhouse
This paper proposes the design of a reliable and flexible WSN using heterogeneous environmental sensor data streams for precision agriculture in a tomato greenhouse using real-time as well as historical data of the greenhouse. Expand
Multigene phylogenetic analyses to establish new Valsaria species and taxonomic significance of spore ornamentation
Multigene phylogenies based on combined LSU, ITS and RPB2 DNA sequence data generated from maximum likelihood, maximum parsimony and MrBayes analyses indicate that V. ostryae is basal to V. lopadostomoides and V. rudis and its establishment as a new species is strongly supported. Expand
An assessment of factors leading to the decline of Beclardia macrostachya (orchidaceae) population in Mauritius
Based on comparative studies among the different sites, pollinator limitation and absence of suitable hosts were the primary factors that led to the present decline of Beclardia macrostachya in Mauritius. Expand
Assessment of the physico-chemical quality and extent of algal proliferation in water from an impounding reservoir prone to eutrophication
BackgroundPiton du Milieu (PdM) impounding reservoir is suspected to be eutrophic based on the elevated level of orthophosphate and nitrate. Water supplies from three adjacent rivers are primarilyExpand
Morph-molecular characterization of Meira nicotianae sp nov., a novel basidiomycetous, anamorphic yeast-like fungus associated with growth improvement in tobacco plant
A novel yeast-like species was isolated from the rhizosphere of tobacco root collected in Guizhou province, China. Sequence analysis of the large subunit (LSU) rDNA gene indicates that the isolateExpand