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Polycrystal orientation distribution effects on microslip in high cycle fatigue
Abstract A principal issue in High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) of polycrystalline metals is the degree of heterogeneity of cyclic slip processes. Under low cycle fatigue (LCF) conditions, persistent slipExpand
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Cyclic crystal plasticity analyses of stationary, microstructurally small surface cracks in ductile single phase polycrystals
This paper explores the effects of microstructural heterogeneity on the cyclic crack tip opening and sliding displacements for stationary, microstructurally small transgranular surface cracks in aExpand
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Military Government in Mali
A notable imbalance exists in the literature on the role of soldiers in politics - far less attention is given to their rule than to their intervention. This is particularly true for the AfricanExpand
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Crack tip displacements of microstructurally small surface cracks in single phase ductile polycrystals
Abstract A planar double slip crystal plasticity model is applied to the evaluation of crack tip opening (CTOD) and sliding (CTSD) displacements for microstructurally small stationary cracks underExpand
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The Motivation for Military Intervention: The Case of Ghana
TRADITIONAL thought on the nature of military intervention in developing countries, and the location of the impetus for such action in a society has typically polarized along the theoretical biasesExpand
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Patterns of demilitarization in Africa
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Pricing distortions of petroleum products. Conservation paper No. 31
The costs and predicted costs of petroleum products and the effects of the petroleum tax policy on the petroleum industry are dealt with in this report. The report is divided into four sections.Expand
Polycrystal Orientation Effects on Microslip and Mixed-Mode Behavior of Microstructurally Small Cracks
There are two sources of mode mixity--on a macro level (combined loading situation), and on the micro level--that affect the propagation of small crystallographic cracks. This work explores modeExpand
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