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Beyond the Nuclear Family: The Increasing Importance of Multigenerational Bonds
Family relationships across several generations are becoming increasingly important in American society. They are also increasingly diverse in structure and in functions. In reply to the widelyExpand
Intergenerational Solidarity and the Structure of Adult Child‐Parent Relationships in American Families1
The authors investigate the structure of intergenerational cohesion by examining social‐psychological, structural, and transactional aspects of adult child‐parent relations. The authors use latentExpand
Ageing and Popular Culture
1. Introduction: foreign land 2. The history of old age: popular attitudes and policy perceptions 3. The transformation of retirement 4. Altered images 5. Exploring visual memory 6. Pictures at anExpand
Affection, social contact, and geographic distance between adult children and their parents
This study investigates the following questions: whether greater affection between adult children and their parents leads to more social contact, whether frequent social contact leads to greaterExpand
The Life Course Perspective Applied to Families Over Time
One of the enduring puzzles in the life sciences is the description and explanation of change over time. Such change is frequently called “development,” and the metaphors of growth and decline, gainExpand
Reciprocity in parent-child relations over the adult life course.
The results offer some support for investment, insurance, and altruistic models of intergenerational exchange and suggest that emotionally investing in children as a health insurance mechanism may be based on the greater moral equity accorded to mothers. Expand
Attitude similarity in three-generation families: Socialization, status inheritance, or reciprocal influence?
This study examines hypotheses of attitude transmission across three ideological domains (gender roles, politics, religion) to access the adequacy of direct socialization, status inheritance, andExpand
Solidarity, conflict, and ambivalence: Complementary or competing perspectives on intergenerational relationships?
Key Words: affect, ambivalence, conflict, intergenerational relations, solidarity, theory. Ambivalence is an apt term to describe the contradictions we experience in our intimate socialExpand