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Coexistence Rules and Regulations in the European Union
The institutional environment for planting GM crops in Europe is heterogeneous. Poland wants to ban the planting of GM crops; Spanish farmers have been growing Bt-maize for several years; 120Expand
Governing farmland conversion: Comparing China with the Netherlands and Germany
Farmland conversion has become an increasing concern in China and other parts of the world, including Europe and the USA. Be it for environmental or food security reasons, questions arise concerningExpand
Economic evaluation of common reed potential for energy production: A case study in Wuliangsuhai Lake (Inner Mongolia, China)
Wuliangsuhai Lake is one of the largest wetlands in Inner Mongolia, China, half covered by large and highly productive Common Reed (Phragmites australis) stands. However, benefits from currentExpand
Deciding how to decide on agri-environmental schemes: the political economy of subsidiarity, decentralisation and participation in the European Union
Since 1992 the provision of agri-environmental schemes (AESs) has been obligatory for member states of the European Union. However, decisions concerning the actual design of schemes and measures areExpand
Public transaction costs of agri-environmental schemes and their determinants--Analysing stakeholders' involvement and perceptions
Despite an overall budget increase for rural development in the new programming period (2007-2013), most older Member States in the now expanded European Union are facing a substantial reduction inExpand
Ex-Ante Regulation and Ex-Post Liability under Uncertainty and Irreversibility: Governing the Coexistence of GM Crops
Abstract Ex-ante regulations and ex-post liabilities for using a new technology will induce additional costs for adopters. The standard model is advanced by including irreversibility and uncertaintyExpand
An econometric analysis of regional adoption patterns of Bt maize in Germany.
In this study, our goal is to identify and explain the underlying factors that drive regional adoption of Bt maize MON810 in Germany. Since regional differences cannot be explained by the occurrenceExpand
In a main memory with arithmetic logic processing capability, k first memories (k is an integer equal to or more than 0) are connected to a memory bus, for storing data, and an arithmetic logicprocessing section performs a first processing to at least a part of the data stored in the memory section in response to a first instruction inputted via the memory bus. Expand
The role of coordination and cooperation in early adoption of GM crops: the case of Bt maize in Brandenburg, Germany.
The introduction of genetically modified (GM) crops forcommercial cultivation has raised the question of thecoexistence of agricultural production systems. Withinthe European institutional framework,Expand
Institutions and sustainability : political economy of agriculture and the environment - essays in honour of Konrad Hagedorn
1. Institutions and Sustainability: Introduction and Overview.- 1.1 Introduction.- 1.2 Konrad Hagedorn's Contributions to Institutional Analysis.- 1.2.1 The Politics of Agricultural and EnvironmentalExpand