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Echocardiographic reference values in whippets.
The aim of the study was to establish reference echocardiographic values for whippets, to compare these values with previously published reference values for the general dog population, and toExpand
Vertebral heart size ranges specific for whippets.
To assess the influence of breed, breeding lines, and training on heart size, the vertebral heart size (VHS) was evaluated on left-to-right lateral, right-to-left lateral, dorsoventral, andExpand
Serum thyroid hormone concentrations and thyroglobulin autoantibodies in trained and non-trained healthy whippets.
Numerous factors including non-thyroidal systemic diseases and drug administration can significantly alter canine thyroid function test results. Furthermore, the importance of breed specificExpand
Detection of innocent systolic murmurs by auscultation and their relation to hematologic and echocardiographic findings in clinically normal Whippets.
OBJECTIVE To determine murmur prevalence by auscultation of 105 apparently healthy Whippets without signs of cardiac disease, to determine the origin of these murmurs, and to evaluate the influenceExpand
Development and performance of a targeted whole exome sequencing enrichment kit for the dog (Canis Familiaris Build 3.1)
Whole exome sequencing is a technique that aims to selectively sequence all exons of protein-coding genes. A canine whole exome sequencing enrichment kit was designed based on the latest canineExpand
Electrocardiographic reference values in whippets.
The aim of this study was to determine the electrocardiographic characteristics of whippets and to compare the results with published reference values for a general dog population.Expand
Low-field magnetic resonance imaging findings of the caudal portion of the cervical region in clinically normal Doberman Pinschers and Foxhounds.
OBJECTIVE To determine the spectrum and frequency of abnormalities for low-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations of clinically normal Doberman Pinschers and Foxhounds. ANIMALS 37Expand
Morphometric dimensions of the caudal cervical vertebral column in clinically normal Doberman Pinschers, English Foxhounds and Doberman Pinschers with clinical signs of disk-associated cervical
Client-owned, clinically normal Doberman Pinschers (n=20), English Foxhounds (n=17), and Doberman Pinschers with clinical signs of disk-associated cervical spondylomyelopathy (DA-CSM) (n=17) wereExpand
Screening of ragdoll cats for kidney disease: a retrospective evaluation.
OBJECTIVES To assess the prevalence of renal abnormalities in ragdoll cats. Ragdoll breeders often warn clients to watch for future renal problems, mainly due to chronic interstitial nephritis andExpand
Inspiratory stridor secondary to palatolingual myokymia in a Maltese dog.
A nine-year-old male Maltese dog was presented with an eight-month history of inspiratory stridor leading to exertional dyspnoea and cyanosis. Myokymic contractions in the palatolingual muscles wereExpand