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Dual Polyhedra and Mirror Symmetry for Calabi-Yau Hypersurfaces in Toric Varieties
We consider families ${\cal F}(\Delta)$ consisting of complex $(n-1)$-dimensional projective algebraic compactifications of $\Delta$-regular affine hypersurfaces $Z_f$ defined by Laurent polynomials
Generalized hypergeometric functions and rational curves on Calabi-Yau complete intersections in toric varieties
We formulate general conjectures about the relationship between the A-model connection on the cohomology of ad-dimensional Calabi-Yau complete intersectionV ofr hypersurfacesV1,...,Vr in a toric
On the Hodge structure of projective hypersurfaces in toric varieties
This paper generalizes classical results of Griffiths, Dolgachev and Steenbrink on the cohomology of hypersurfaces in weighted projective spaces. Given a $d$-dimensional projective simplicial toric
New Trends in Algebraic Geometry: Birational Calabi–Yau n -folds have equal Betti numbers
Let X and Y be two smooth projective n-dimensional algebraic varieties X and Y over C with trivial canonical line bundles. We use methods of p-adic analysis on algebraic varieties over local number
Non-Archimedean integrals and stringy Euler numbers of log-terminal pairs
Using non-Archimedian integration over spaces of arcs of algebraic varieties, we define stringy Euler numbers associated with arbitrary Kawamata log-terminal pairs. There is a natural Kawamata
Manin's conjecture for toric varieties
We prove an asymptotic formula conjectured by Manin for the number of $K$-rational points of bounded height with respect to the anticanonical line bundle for arbitrary smooth projective toric
Tamagawa numbers of polarized algebraic varieties
Let ${\cal L} = (L, \| \cdot \|_v)$ be an ample metrized invertible sheaf on a smooth quasi-projective algebraic variety $V$ defined over a number field. Denote by $N(V,{\cal L},B)$ the number of