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Light Sterile Neutrinos: A White Paper
This white paper addresses the hypothesis of light sterile neutrinos based on recent anomalies observed in neutrino experiments and the latest astrophysical data.
Remarks on the KARMEN anomaly
A recently reported anomaly in the time structure of signals in the KARMEN neutrino detector suggests the decay of a new particle x, produced in � + → µ + x with mass mx = 33.9 MeV. We discuss theExpand
Working Group Report: Higgs Boson
This report summarizes the work of the Energy Frontier Higgs Boson working group of the 2013 Community Summer Study (Snowmass). We identify the key elements of a precision Higgs physics program andExpand
Search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model
The success of SUSY‐GUT models, the expected experimental signatures and present limits on S USY partner particles, and Higgs phenomenology in the minimal SUSy model are reviewed. Expand
Supersymmetry parameter analysis: SPA convention and project
Abstract.High-precision analyses of supersymmetry parameters aim at reconstructing the fundamental supersymmetric theory and its breaking mechanism. A well defined theoretical framework is neededExpand
CERN LHC phenomenology of an extended standard model with a real scalar singlet
Gauge singlet extensions of the standard model (SM) scalar sector may help remedy its theoretical and phenomenological shortcomings while solving outstanding problems in cosmology. Depending on theExpand
Triple-top signal of new physics at the LHC
Abstract We present leading-order (LO) cross sections for the production of three top quarks ( t t t ¯ , t t ¯ t ¯ ) at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). We find a total LO cross section forExpand
Cosmic neutrino pevatrons: A brand new pathway to astronomy, astrophysics, and particle physics
Abstract The announcement by the IceCube Collaboration of the observation of 28 cosmic neutrino candidates has been greeted with a great deal of justified excitement. The data reported so far departExpand
Complex Singlet Extension of the Standard Model
We analyze a simple extension of the standard model (SM) obtained by adding a complex singlet to the scalar sector (cxSM). We show that the cxSM can contain one or two viable cold dark matterExpand
Report of the SUGRA Working Group for run II of the Tevatron
Author(s): Barger, V; Wagner, CEM | Abstract: We present an analysis of the discovery reach for supersymmetric particles at the upgraded Tevatron collider, assuming that SUSY breaking results inExpand