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Children's views about the water cycle
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Children's Views Concerning Phase Changes.
This article reports on answers by children (Grades 1–9) to oral and written questions concerning the phase change from liquid to gas. The development of concepts was followed, proceeding fromExpand
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Stages of children's views about evaporation
This paper presents research results which reveal a well‐defined hierarchy of views children employ about evaporation and relative science curriculum topics in elementary school in Israel. TheExpand
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Children's ideas about action at a distance
Children's ideas about action at a distance are analysed according to the commonsense theory. These ideas can be organized around three presuppositions which express concrete realizations of theExpand
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The images of scientists and science among Hebrew- and Arabic-speaking pre-service teachers in Israel
This study investigated the image of scientists held by Israeli pre-service teachers, the majority of whom were female. The population consisted of students belonging to two cultures, Hebrew-speakingExpand
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Science and it’s Images – Promise and Threat: From Classic Literature to Contemporary Students’ Images of Science and “The Scientist”
The physical and social image of the scientist among school children, student teachers, and teachers over the last 50 years was investigated. Interest has also been shown in the perception of theExpand
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Learning Electricity in Elementary School
The study investigated elementary school pupils' ideas concerning the concept of electricity and the effect of school instruction on the pupil's views. Pupils of different cultural backgrounds wereExpand
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Pupils’ Image of ‘the Scientist’ among Two Communities in Israel: A comparative study
The image of ‘the scientist’ and its effect on the willingness to be a scientist and to follow a career in science were investigated in two different cultural populations of elementary and juniorExpand
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