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Interactions between soil development, vegetation and soil fauna during spontaneous succession in post mining sites
Abstract More than 50 parameters of vegetation, soil and soil fauna were studied in 27 non-reclaimed post mining sites of various age (1–41 years old) located near the town of Sokolov (CzechExpand
On the Soil Testate Amoebae Fauna (Protozoa: Rhizopoda) of the Spitsbergen Islands (Svalbard)
Four new species, including two new records for the testate amoebae fauna of Svalbard, are determined in soil, moss and lichen samples from two regions of Spitsbergen Island. Expand
MEG3: a novel long noncoding potentially tumour-suppressing RNA in meningiomas
Findings indicate that MEG3 may have a significant role as a novel long noncoding RNA tumour suppressor in meningiomas. Expand
Soil biota and upper soil layer development in two contrasting post-mining chronosequences
Density and community composition of a wide spectrum of soil organisms, direct counts of bacteria, rate of cellulose decomposition and microstructure of upper soil layers were studied in two chronosequences reclaimed from open-cast coal mining near Cottbus (Germany) and near Sokolov (Czech Republic). Expand
Flow Cytometry Analysis of Neural Differentiation Markers Expression in Human Glioblastomas May Predict Their Response to Chemotherapy
The expression of A2B5, CD56, NGFR and Pgp appeared to be associated with chemoresistance whereas CD133, EGFR and LIFR expression was characteristic of chemosensitive tumours. Expand
Comparison of computational fluid dynamics findings with intraoperative microscopy findings in unruptured intracranial aneurysms- An initial analysis
While the pressure measured with CFD technique is a good predictor of rupture risk, the WSS component is controversial and Multicentric trials involving a larger subset of population are needed before drawing any definite conclusions. Expand