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Enhancing Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Crop Plants
Nitrogen is the most limiting nutrient for crop production in many of the world's agricultural areas and its efficient use is important for the economic sustainability of cropping systems.Expand
Invariably, many agricultural soils of the world are deficient in one or more of the essential nutrients needed to support healthy plants. Acidity, alkalinity, salinity, anthropogenic processes,Expand
Growth and mineral nutrition of field crops
Growth and mineral nutrition of field crops , Growth and mineral nutrition of field crops , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی
Chapter 7 Ameliorating Soil Acidity of Tropical Oxisols by Liming For Sustainable Crop Production
Abstract The greatest potential for expanding the world's agricultural frontier lies in the savanna regions of the tropics, which are dominated by Oxisols. Soil acidity and low native fertility,Expand
Micronutrients in Crop Production
Advances in research on the micronutrient availability and requirements for crops, in correcting deficiencies and toxicities in soils and plants, and in increasing the ability of plants to acquire needed amounts of micRONutrient elements are reported. Expand
Role of Cover Crops in Improving Soil and Row Crop Productivity
Abstract Cover crops play an important role in improving productivity of subsequent row crops by improving soil physical, chemical, and biological properties. The objective of this article is toExpand
Physiology of Crop Production
* Preface and Acknowledgments * Chapter 1. Plant Canopy Architecture * Introduction * Plant Height * Tillering * Leaf Characteristics * Breeding and Management Strategies for Ideal Plant ArchitectureExpand
Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH
This paper does not present an exhaustive review of the properties of acid soils. Rather, emphasis is placed on three topics, viz. soil pH, exchange properties, and sulfate sorption, with biasExpand
The Role of Nutrient Efficient Plants in Improving Crop Yields in the Twenty First Century
ABSTRACT In the 21st century, nutrient efficient plants will play a major role in increasing crop yields compared to the 20th century, mainly due to limited land and water resources available forExpand
Nitrogen deficiency is one of the most important nutritional disorders in lowland rice producing areas around the world. Nitrogen fertilizer recommendations for lowland rice (Oryza sativa L.)Expand