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Comparing dynamic and stationary standing postures in an assembly task
Prolonged standing during monotonous tasks such as assembly line jobs may lead to musculoskeletal disorders including increased fatigue, pain and stiffness in active muscles. This study evaluated theExpand
Assessment of early onset of driver fatigue using multimodal fatigue measures in a static simulator.
This paper reports a study that evaluated driver fatigue using multimodal fatigue measures, i.e., surface electromyography, electroencephalography, seat interface pressure, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation level to help understand the influence of physical and mental fatigue on driver during monotonous driving. Expand
Detecting motorcycle rider local physical fatigue and discomfort using surface electromyography and seat interface pressure
Results suggest that the impact on local physical fatigue and seat discomfort are probably due to static seating demand and prolonged sitting posture balance required to ride the motorcycle for an hour. Expand
Muscle fatigue based evaluation of bicycle design.
From the sEMG study, it was found that the fatigue in right LDM and ES were significantly (p < 0.05) higher in SP bicycle than the RF and SP bicycles. Expand
Surface EMG based muscle activity analysis for aerobic cyclist.
High fatigue in the back muscles in the LBP group was not found; however, when linear regression was performed for these individuals, the data showed a possibility of worsening in their condition due to 30 min of cycling. Expand
Low back pain and muscle fatigue due to road cycling—An sEMG study
The LBP group showed a significantly higher fatigue in right trapezius medial and erector spinae when compared to the without L BP group, suggesting the possibility for worsening of their condition due to cycling. Expand
Texture analysis of foot sole soft tissue images in diabetic neuropathy using wavelet transform
US examination of foot sole soft tissue and its texture analysis may serve as sources of valuable information regarding the internal changes taking place with progressive hardening of thesoft tissue and thereby help the clinician in taking appropriate preventive measures. Expand
Effects of fluoxetine on functional outcomes after acute stroke (FOCUS): a pragmatic, double-blind, randomised, controlled trial
  • Martin Gillian John Catriona Maree Graeme J Allan Stephan Dennis Mead Forbes Graham Hackett Hankey House Lew, M. Dennis, +1,271 authors Rumbi Hungwe
  • Medicine
  • The Lancet
  • 19 January 2019
Although the treatment reduced the occurrence of depression, it increased the frequency of bone fractures and these results do not support the routine use of fluoxetine either for the prevention of post-stroke depression or to promote recovery of function. Expand
EMG-based analysis of change in muscle activity during simulated driving
Extensive usage of computers could cause fatigue and even lead to musculo-skeletal injuries, and muscle activity changes in the shoulder and neck muscles while gaming in an automobile simulator, using sEMG are analyzed. Expand
A Distributed Model of Carbohydrate Transport and Metabolism in the Liver during Rest and High-Intensity Exercise
Model results indicate that changes in arterial substrate concentrations and hepatic blood flow rate are not sufficient to shift the liver metabolism enough to account for the 5-fold increase in hepatic glucose production measured during exercise. Expand