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In Vitro Culture of an Endangered and Endemic Indian Liverwort: Stephensoniellabrevipedunculata Kashyap (Marchantiophyta)
Ex plants (apical thallus part) directly regenerated into well developed thalli, while spontaneous regeneration via callus formation was also observed in presence of certain contaminating microbes. Expand
In vitro Study on the Reproductive Behavior of the Endemic and Threatened Indian Liverwort: Cryptomitrium himalayense Kashyap (Aytoniaceae)
Thalli became shorter and produced tuberous swelling following nutrient depletion and drying out of the medium and produced sex organs under similar conditions of photoperiod and temperature. Expand
In Vitro Regeneration and Micropropagation of Some Liverworts from Vegetative Ex Plants
In vitro regeneration and multiplication of three medicinally potential liverwort taxa directly regenerated into well developed thalli, while spontaneous regeneration via callus formation was observed in presence of certain contaminating microbes, in which aseptic condition eventually achieved by repeated sub culturing. Expand
Morphogenetic Studies and "In vitro" Propagation of Two Mosses: "Philonotis Thwaitesii" Mitt. and "Brachythecium Plumosum" (Hedw.) B.S.G.
Well differentiated gametophytes of Philonotis thwaitesii Mitt., an acrocarpous moss and Brachythecium plumosum (Hedw.) B.S.G., a pleurocarpous moss have been raised in vitro by inoculating theirExpand
Bryophyte Diversity on Erythrina arborescens in Nainital
Comparison of the bryophyte diversity associated with the tree bark of Erythrina arborescens Roxb. Expand
Morphogenetic Studies on Two Mosses, Bryum dichotomum and Entodon macropodus Grown In Vitro
Axenic cultures of two moss taxa viz. Bryum dichotomum Hedw., an acrocarpous moss and Entodon macropodus (Hedw.) Müll. Hal., a pleurocarpous moss were established by inoculating their spores intoExpand
In vitro Study and Micropropagation of Ethnomedicinally Important Bryophyte: Plagiochasma appendiculatum Lehm. & Lindenb.
Well differentiated thalli of an ethnomedicinally potential liverwort Plagiochasma appendiculatum Lehm. & Lindenb. have been raised and multiplied in vitro in order to facilitate the availability ofExpand
In vitro propagation of an epiphytic pleurocarpous moss Erythrodontium julaceum (Schwaegr.) Par.
Most of the culture studies carried out to date on bryophytes have been confined to terrestrial acrocarpous mosses, while epiphytic and particularly pleurocarpous Mosses have been generally neglected. Expand
Ecological Study of Bryophytes on Platanus orientalis L. Trees in Nainital (Western Himalaya)
In total 27 mosses and liverworts belonging to 14 families with three morphological groups formed the principle component of Platanus orientalis tree bark, and Regmatodon orthostegius together with Brachymenium capitulatum formed the pioneer community on the Platanus Orientalis stems. Expand